There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the right home for you. There are many different factors that can impact your decision. Whether you love the suburbs or the city, there is the perfect location for you out there if you take into account a few factors.

Cost of Living

One of the first things you should consider when choosing a city or suburbs is the cost of living. The city is usually higher due to the demand for services. Rent is usually less expensive in the suburbs, but longer commutes mean higher fuel expenses. The city might mean saving on gas, but increasing funds paying for entertainment. Many times you’re paying for the land and its surroundings rather than the actual place.

Daily Commute

Your daily commute is important to your work-life balance. Living in the city usually means being closer to your workplace. Sometimes you are even able to ride the bus or rail train to work in the city. Some people don’t mind the long commute from the suburbs as they have time to sort things out before getting to work. The daily commute also depends on the type of car you drive. A hybrid vehicle is a much more fuel-efficient than a gas-powered vehicle.

Living Space Size

If you want to live in a sprawling ranch home, the suburbs are the place for you. If you love a high-rise building with a doorman, the city is best for you. Both types of places can be flexible to include things you want in a home. Children and pets usually like the extra space to run around in the suburbs, but you can make city life work if you really love it. The same goes for suburb life. A person that is always on-the-go that loves the nightlife is usually better in the city, but could learn to enjoy suburb life.

Distance to Attractions

Think about where you enjoy spending your free time. This is where you hang out when you have downtime. You should live close to entertainment that makes you happy. The suburbs are often filled with recreation areas and parks. The city is usually filled with museums, zoos, and entertainment venues.